B Bhagat Tarachand

Mumbadevi Commercial Center
69/75, Zaveri Bazaar
Mumbai - 400002
022 22429393 / 022 22429494

Hotel B Bhagat Tarachand, Zaveri Bazaar keeps the tradition alive.

In the midst of one of the busiest streets of Mumbai you will find authentic Indian food at
B Bhagat Tarachand.

It started as a small eatery set up after the partition to serve home-cooked-style meals to the market goers. Soon with the principles of Mr. Bhagat Tarachand intact and the new vision it grew into its current avatar of 3 storey restaurant.

B Bhagat Tarachand welcomes all with a glass of chilled chaas at the entrance. Each glass of chaas is made fresh in front of your eyes! at the live chaas counter. Many a passerby’s relieve themselves of the agonizing head with a glass of chilled kutchi beer (chaas serves in beer bottles).

The ground floor maintains the original style of shared seating and thali meals. Usually those who want to enjoy a quick meal in between an errand are the ones that are seen here.

The first floor is enjoyed mostly by families or groups of people who want to enjoy a leisurely meal in each other's company. You can lose yourself in the gastronomical experience of a scrumptious meal.

At the second floor, you will find a totally different ambience. It is mostly for all those who want to

leave the heat and the crowds of the street below as they indulge in a truly taste bud-exploding-good-food experience.

Having stood here since 1978, the restaurant has seen three generations of the Chawla family management, and each one carries the generosity and values of Mr. Bhagat Tarachand at heart.

The kitchen believes in serving only fresh food
and this is made upto 5 times a day, so that every time you come , you are served with absolutely fresh food!

Many journalists and food critiques have come to experience a meal at B Bhagat Tarachand, and every one of them has written rave reviews.

The clientele at this, off the beaten track restaurant has only grown from market goers, to families, students, business men treating clients, to international tourists.

At the heart of its success, is INNOVATION.
At Bhagat Tarachand the love to add a twist to the recipe while maintaining the authenticity of its flavours. Which means you’ll find the very famous kutchi beer, with the dal fry and hyderabadi biryani, but you'll also see papad churi, Missi Roti, bajra and Makkai Rotis!!!

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Opening hours 09.30 am - 11.30 pm, Sunday Closed

Cuisine Indian

Meal for two Rs. 250 - Rs. 450

Credit Cards Not Accepted

  • Home Delivery
  • Valet Parking
  • Jain Food
  • Pure Vegetarian
  • Air Conditioned
  • Take Away
  • Alcohol
  • Reservations
  • Train/Group Parcel(min 4 persons)
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